Sunday, October 18, 2009

#185 Fairs (Theme #91)

An FFA (Future Farmers of America--a high school agricultural club) exhibit representing the State Fair.

#184 Sense of Motion (Theme #275)

From the BMX bike show at the Tennessee State Fair.

#183 Pumpkin (Theme #245)

This was the largest pumpkin at the Tennessee State Fair.

#182 Law Enforcement (Theme #168)

Law enforcement at the Tennessee State Fair.

#181 Lost and Found (Theme #178)

Thanks, Ron (you must have had something to do with me finding it as I didn't find it until after you commented on my last post)! My master list for this adventure was lost for several weeks--and now it is found!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I've lost my master list of which themes I've done! I've reprinted it, but am having to go through my blog and cross off the ones I've posted. I'm sure I must have new pictures to add (as I take pictures nearly every day), but all the themes look familiar--so, having to go through and make sure I've marked off the completed ones.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

#180 Monuments or Memorials (Theme #188)

This is the Veterans' Memorial in our town.

#179 Passion (Theme #226)

A passion flower at the edge of our hayfield. It had rained recently, so it looks a bit bedraggled.

#178 Summer (Theme #308)

Summer brings summer camp. This year, the new attraction was the zip line--an instant favorite.

#177 Accessories (Theme #7)

Accessories are what make an outfit complete!

#176 Letters (Theme #171)

You may have to enlarge this picture to see the letters in the grass on this hill. We pass this yard on the way to my mother-in-law's.

#175 Teeth (Theme # 316)

Not sure what kind of creature this was, but it certainly had some impressive teeth!

#174 Street Scenes (Theme #305)

Street scenes from the International Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

#173 National Pride (Theme #195)

An enormous American flag was carried in the parade on Wednesday also. I think it was 40 feet long.

#172 Childhood Favorite (Theme #48)

Tony the Tiger (of Frosted Flakes fame--a childhood favorite) was a mascot during the parade on Wednesday at the Camporee.

#171 Not Your Mother Tongue (Theme #201)

Spanish is not my mother tongue--this banner announced the location of the group from Puerto Rico at the Camporee.

# 170 Hands (Theme # 139)

It's absolutely amazing what hands can do! This group of young people performed for the evening program one night at the Camporee in Oshkosh. As the music played, they formed images with their gloved hands. It was incredible! The picture quality is poor since I was taking pictures of the performance on the large jumbotron screen--we were quite a way back from the stage.

#169 Out of Date (Theme #217)

The Pathfinder uniform below is similar to that worn when I was a kid in Pathfinders, very out of date when compared to the uniform worn now (second picture).

#168 Hats (Theme #144)

Pin trading was a big deal at our Camporee in Oshkosh. With clubs from all over North America
and 64 countries all bringing club, Conference, Union, national and other types of pins to trade
many people chose to wear their pins on their hats for ease of carrying and trading.

#167 Moving (Theme #189)

These boats were moving toward each other--looked like a collision about to happen--but their paths did not connect.

#166 Two (Theme #341)

Two drops of sap on a pine tree (probably need to enlarge the picture to see them).

Friday, September 4, 2009

#165 Garden (Theme #118)

Our garden this year--a fine crop of weeds. Quite pitiful actually, compared to our garden last year (below).

#164 Harvest (Theme #143)

This is nearly the extent of our garden harvest this year. We did also get some summer squash and okra, a couple cucumbers, and some tomatoes. Our corn got ripe just as we were leaving for Oshkosh and was too far gone when we got back. This summer has not been a good one for us to garden--too busy.

#163 Corners (Theme #66)

A friend and I went to a Pathfinder Leadership Convention last weekend. One of the things we learned about was lashing. The gentleman in the picture is lashing the poles together at the corner.

#162 Clouds (Theme #56)

Taken at a scenic overlook on the way to Fort Mountain State Park in Georgia.

#161 Chair (Theme #45)

This chair is on display at the Gallatin Public Library.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

#160 Childhood Antics (Theme #47)

While waiting for the tire on the chuckwagon to be replaced, Nefty amused us with an impromptu hula dance (skirt courtesy of road litter--I think it came off a semi truck).

#159 Stuck (Theme #307)

We were stuck on the side of the road as first one and then another tire on our chuckwagon blew out.
We were about an hour out when the first tire blew. One vehicle went back to Bowling Green, KY to buy another tire at Sam's. We made the repair and got down the road about another half hour and the second tire blew. Help came in the form of a KY roadside assistance truck--they were able to find a tire shop nearby that was open and had the right tires. We went ahead and replaced all the tires on the chuckwagon and continued our journey--about 5 1/2 hours behind schedule.

#158 March to a Different Drummer (Theme #180)

Many of the clubs that marched in the parades each day had drum corps.

#157 Flags and Banners (Theme #101)

Four of our teen Pathfinders were part of the color guard in the parade on Wednesday (the boy on the far left, the boy in the center, and the boy on the right--a girl from our club is behind the left side girl holding the Southern Union banner).
On Thursday, two of our teens helped raise the flags. There were 9 flags with 12 handlers for each for a total of 108 flag handlers.
Nefty, second on the right, helped raise the Christian Flag.
Kayelan, second on the left, helped raise the camporee flag.

#156 Entrance (Theme #85)

This was the entrance to our campsite at Oshkosh.

Other groups also had interesting entrances.

#155 Doors (Theme #79)

Rows of porta-potties lined the roads in the campground at Oshkosh. Door after door--and not a single prize behind any of them! (reference to an old game show that had prizes behind numbered doors)

#154 Cookery (Theme #65)

Our club had a chuckwagon for our camp cookery. Here is one of our cooks making french fries.

#153 City Lights (Theme #51)

We drove through Chicago around 10:00 on Sunday night the 9th on our way to spend the night in Milwaukee--on our way to Oshkosh.